Facebook marketing is an evolving platform that is very effective for many local businesses to maximize the ad budget. Facebook collects an incredible amount of data on each Facebook member. Their algorithm knows all of your interest, where you work, where you live, what you like to do on the weekends, your favorite restaurants, and even where you bank and invest. This might sound somewhat invasive, but that data is an excellent resource when targeting your ideal prospect for your business or service.

Think of traditional advertising where you might run an ad in a local magazine. You might have 5,000 people peruse that magazine, but maybe only 200 have any interest in the product or service that your business offers. With Facebook, through geo-targeting, interest targeting, and other laser targeting, your ad will only appear only in front of the ideal prospect for your service or products.

Facebook Marketing Orlando FLWe are experts at setting up and narrowing the targeting to ensure that we maximize your advertising dollars and make sure that there is very little waste in the all-important cost per impression.  We want your ad to only appear in a person’s feed if they are a perfect fit for what you are selling or what you are branding.  This is a very efficient use of your advertising dollars, and if you’re not sure it is a good fit for your business goals, let us do some testing.

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